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About me

Hi, I'm Mark, I love music and I would love to work with you to help make your songs sound the best they can possibly be. Whether you're a solo artist or in a band, I want to get your songs sounding radio ready and get you to the point where you have something you can be really proud of. Having been in bands my whole (adult) life I have written hundreds of songs and over that time I've learnt a lot about the craft of songwriting. 
I opened Garden City Recording Studio (officially) in the spring of 2024. Over the previous 7 years (as well as having a full time job) I have been recording, mixing and mastering my own songs as well as several friends in this space. It wasn't until I built the new tracking/vocal room did I feel that it was ready to be opened up to everyone.
I now work full time in the studio, ready to help you with any project you might have.

" My dream is to make your dream come true."

Mark - Garden City Recording Studio

"A great job on this production"

Mark Bateson

"Hi Mark. Thanks so much for everything with the track, I love it"

Joe Hares


Recording Session

Based on 5 hours (can be spread out over 2 sessions if needed)


From Start to Finish

Got a song you want to record? We can help take your song from ideas and vision to a radio ready piece of magic. This package includes the Recording Session, Mixing and Mastering as a bundle.



Based on up to a 4 minute song with up to 40 tracks includes 5 revisions (for longer songs or a higher track count please contact us for a price)


Editing and Preparation

Anything from editing pre recorded tracks, Comping, Time alignment and phase aligning to vocal editing and tuning.

All the boring but necessary stuff that needs to be done before the mixing stage. If you've got recorded tracks and want them ready to mix contact us.

Pricing is dependant on the project so do contact us for a quote.


You'll receive an Mp3/ a 24bit 48k Wav. suitable for most streaming platforms and a 16bit 44.1k Wav. for CDs as standard. Includes up to 3 revisions.

We can cater for any other needs like vinyl too as well as stem masters so please contact us with any specific requirements. (discounts available for full albums or 4 or more songs) 

£60.00 per song

Here in the studio we use a hybrid system of both analogue outboard gear and plug ins software to help create your musical vision. That way you get the classic, warm console and hardware tones, everyone craves, alongside the more modern advances in technology. 

Garden City Recording Studio

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